Monday, December 1, 2014

Playing with Color and Shapes

Hello Everyone,

First let me say that I really couldn't think of a name for this manicure, so if you have any suggestions after seeing them, leave them in the comments please, I could use the help!

Basically the inspiration for this look came from a specific polish color: Calypso from Sinful Colors. It is a gorgeous dark teal that almost looks black in certain lights or if applied as a solid color manicure with multiple coats. I wanted to do something that would show off the beauty of this color so I thought silver would go well. Then I thought, SILVER GLITTER! Even better!

I pulled out my 2 silver glitters and realized that one of them wasn't so much silver glitter as much as very fine, multi-colored, holographic glitter and that made me even more excited. The colors I used below going from left to right are Sinful Colors 'Calypso', Kleancolor 'Pearl Silver' and Sephora by OPI 'Meet Me At the Disco'. I was really excited to have won 2 Sephora by OPI polishes in a giveaway and this is one of them. The other is a beautiful gold glitter called 'It Looks Like Rain, Dear'.

After applying my topcoat, I painted all my nails with 2 thin coats of the 'Pearl Silver'. Then I applied 'Meet Me At the Disco' to all my nails in two thin coats before using top coat to smooth the appearance before doing my design.

On the right hand, I used the Chevron stencils I won from smART Nails (look for a link to their website in my last blog entry) to create the chevron pattern going in opposite directions on my nails. Apparently, I have an even bigger problem with the concept of straight then I even thought. When I put the stencils on the nails the first time, I would have sworn it was straight. Then I removed them and saw how off-center the design was on 2 out of three nails! So, I had to intentionally put the opposite chevron off-center to match up with the first one. Fortunately it wasn't too noticeable from a distance so I left it alone rather than start all over again, LOL. For my accent design on the pinkie and index finger I used tape to block off a triangular shape. When everything was dry, I used one more layer of topcoat.

On the right hand I wanted something different, which is becoming a trend for me I notice. I left the accent nails as they were with just the silver base and holo glitter because I wanted to really show off that holographic quality. On the other three fingers I covered the sides with the teal, left a stripe in the center of the holo glitter and placed teal dots going up the middle. I really like the way it turned out!

I did decide to give another of the topcoats I bought during my trip to Sally's a try. I used Out the Door, by INM. I have to admit that I should and probably will give it another chance, but first impression is that I didn't like it as much as the Seche Vite. While it wasn't really different in appearance or application, it didn't dry as quickly as the Seche, which (if I'm honest) is why I use quick dry topcoat in the first place -- I am MEGA impatient when it comes to letting my polish dry.

All in all, it was a super easy look that I really love. The holo glitter and teal go as perfectly together in reality as they did in my mind, which doesn't always work out that way, LOL. What do you think of this manicure? As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments!

I know I'm overdue for a knitting project update. I have finished both halves of the poncho I shared with you in a previous post. I've washed it already so all that's left is blocking it and delivering it to the person I made it for! Since then I have completed another project as well that I couldn't tell y'all about because it is that time of year when I am knitting Christmas presents. The person I made this particular top secret project for happens to be my mother who follows my blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise :-) For the next month it is safe to assume that if I am knitting it, it is a gift. If I happen to knit something for myself in the next month I will share it. Otherwise, I will take lots of pictures and tell you about them after the holidays!

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