Monday, December 15, 2014

Knitting Frenzy!!!

Hi everyone!

I know I usually post a new blog entry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but this will be the only entry this week. The purpose of this entry is to apologize for not posting this week and to let you know why!

As you know, the purpose behind my blog is to have a place to chat about my hobbies - the focus of which seems to be my nail art :-) But that is not my only hobby. I have mentioned and posted progress updates about my knitting as well.

Now I have a confession to make. I'm not a very 'good' knitter. This comment has nothing to do with my skill level, by the way. As far as skill goes, I would consider myself to be a intermediate knitter. What I mean when I say I'm not a 'good' knitter has more to do with habits. I belong to a few knitting groups on Facebook, which I love! Most of the 'good' knitters (meaning good knitting habits, not skill level because ALL these knitters are amazing and I stand in awe of them) start their Christmas knitting in January. They have all year to figure out what they what to gift and to whom. If they get sidetracked with a bonus project or two, it's all good. They have a whole year after all!

Those are good knitting habits. Now, here is what I do. Once I finish my Christmas knitting, I'm worn out. So I put knitting aside for a couple of months and focus on other hobbies: cross stitch, paint by number, READING (which is all caps, cuz I love it so), etc... I'll pick up the knitting needles every once in while for some 'light work': a new washcloth or two, maybe a pair of socks, whatever small easy project I feel like.

Then somewhere around Halloween I start panic mode knitting trying to crank out Christmas gifts in time to actually be given on Christmas and not sometime in the new year. I tell myself I'm good on time because I only plan to give one or two hand knits for Christmas this year. But inevitably, I keep tacking on new projects til I 'have' to spend every spare moment feverishly knitting myself silly to keep up with it all and have it all completed by Christmas. That is the point that I am at this year.

I have only 'completed' 2 knitting projects. However, they are not really 'complete' because they still need to be washed and blocked before they can be labeled, boxed up, and wrapped! I have 3 projects still on the needles in varying stages of completion, and 1 project that hasn't even been cast on yet! And only 10 days til Christmas Eve! Yikes! I am seriously worried for this year, guys!

It is due to this knitting frenzy that I must take a hiatus from my blog this week. I am hoping (fingers crossed for me, please!) that adding the time I spend thinking up a new design, giving myself a manicure, taking and editing photos, and writing my blog post in to my spare knitting time will give me the extra hours I need to finish my Christmas knitting! And I apologize that my blog has to suffer for my bad knitting habits :-(

I shall try to do better next year! And you can help! If a few weeks go by and all I talk about is nail art, call me on it in the comments! "Jessica, why haven't we seen a knitting update? You are knitting, aren't you????". I will no doubt chuckle nervously as I reply, "but of course, I am" and then sheepishly pull out some yarn and needles.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I will miss you this week and will get to posting new nail art designs and pictures of completed holiday knitting as soon as possible!   
Without giving away any surprises, this is all the yarn currently being used!

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