Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Snow Day!

Hello All!

As promised I have my first holiday manicure of the season for you today! I used both stencils and stamping to create this fun mix of snowmen and snowflakes!

Below are the polishes I used from left to right:Sinful Colors 'Midnight Blue', Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White', NYC 'Black Lace Creme', Konad Special Polish in white, and Kleancolor 'Pearl Silver'. I also used smART Nails P103 Snowman stencil and Bundle Monster image plate 014 from their 2010 revised image series.
To get started I applied my basecoat and then 2 coats of the Midnight Blue. After about 8 -10 minutes I used one layer of quick drying topcoat and let that dry. The stencils are applied in two parts; the main body of the snowman is part one and the eyes and accessories are part 2. You need to let the body of the snowman dry for at least 15 minutes before you reapply the stencil for part 2.

What I did is apply the first part of the snowman as soon as my topcoat had dried on both hands. Then I did all my stamping while I waited to finish that little guy. I started with the Pearl Silver and stamped all 10 fingers. Then I used the Konad Special White and did all my snowflakes in that color. Finally, I went back to the snowman. I lined up the second part of the stencil (at least as well as my shaky hands would allow, LOL) and painted on the accessories with the Black Creme Lace. I gave that a few minutes to start drying and then applied a final layer of top coat to seal in my design and make it all shiny! I was a little disappointed that my topcoat smudged my snowflakes just a bit, but maybe I was a little more heavy-handed than I thought. I'll have to keep that in mind next time.
Left hand

Right hand
And that's it! My first holiday design! I hope you enjoyed this look and I'll 'see' you next time! Thanks for reading as always and don't forget to subscribe!

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