Friday, November 28, 2014

Brown and Gold 2 Ways

Hello Hello!

So, if you have checked out my new YouTube channel, you will have seen the video I recently uploaded about my KLEANCOLOR haul! I couldn't wait to try out some of these new colors! For this mani I used 2 of the new shades as well as a favorite from my stash.

I used Dark Brown and Gold Bright, from KLEANCOLOR and Fifth Avenue from NYC's New York Color Minute collection. Aren't these colors gorgeous together and just perfect for fall :-)
Of course, I started with a basecoat and then used 2 coats of the Dark Brown on all my nails. The opacity is really good on this particular polish, so if your application is perfect, you may only need 1 coat. I waited for that to dry completely and then I added Madly Matte, a matte topcoat from KLEANCOLOR. 
I wanted to not only play with these colors in 2 ways, but also the 2 contrasting finishes of matte and glossy. So, after the nails had 'mattified' and were all dry, I used scotch tape to mark off triangles going down the center of the nails on my left hand and I alternated their direction. I stared on my middle finger and made the triangle point on the tip of the nail and on the ring and index finger, the tip of the triangle was at the top of the nail near my cuticle. It was back to triangle point at the tip of the nail of on the thumb and pinkie. I used a detail brush to paint in the triangles in the Gold Bright. I also used the detail brush to topcoat just the gold triangles with glossy topcoat. 

I know this isn't my usual photo angle, but I had a really hard time with the lighting on these pics doing my usual poses. So, in order to get good lightening, I switched it up a bit for you today :-) And I know my triangles aren't perfect, but I was still proud of myself. I think I'm getting a little better!

On my right hand, I used the scotch tape to mark off the tips of my nails on the diagonal. Then I filled in the tip with the Gold Bright. The I used the Fifth Avenue and a toothpick to make little dots along the edge where the Dark Brown and Gold Bright meet, kind of like a little copper colored 'ruffle'. Once again I waited for everything to dry and then used the detail brush to add glossy topcoat to just the gold and copper. 

It was kind of mixed consensus in my household. My brother, sister and I all prefer the left hand with the golden triangles, but my husband prefers the right hand because of the copper, which he thinks really brings the color combination together. Which hand is your favorite? Let me know in the comments please! And don't forget to check out my YouTube channel and see what other colors I got from KLEANCOLOR! I just ordered a bunch of supplies from,,,, konad, the Born Pretty Store so subscribe to my channel if you want to see those haul videos as stuff arrives in the mail! I'm so excited!

As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look. Talk to you soon!

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