Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Look # 2: Candy Canes

Is it beginning to feel like Christmas yet? Here in Central Texas the weather is still in the mid-sixties most days. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time getting in the holiday spirit unless the weather is cooler. It doesn't have to be frigid or anything, but at least cold enough to make me want to curl up with a hot chocolate and a space heater! So, I thought a dose of iconic Christmas candy on my nails might help get me in the Christmas mood!

This is the color palette I chose, all from Sinful Colors. From left to right we have 'All About You', 'Snow Me White', 'Pine Away' and 'No Text Red'. As usual I started with a base coat and then 2 coats of the white. You really want the white polish to be opaque which for me meant 2 coats, but if you can do it in less then go for it.

While I waited for that to dry I grabbed my tools for water marbling: a dixie cup filled with room temperature distilled water, an orange stick for drawing my design, a q-tip for cleaning the surface of the water, tape to make clean up easier, and a paper towel to wipe off my orange stick along the way.

You can make your bulls-eye any way you want, but the way I did it was red, green, red, green, red, gold, red, and lastly green. I really wanted the red and green to be most prominent. Also, I was using a gold glitter polish, so the white shows through adding to the candy cane effect while still giving it a little glitter shimmer! 

Then I drew a quick stripey pattern by going up and then down from the center. Then I went from side to side starting each line at the opposite side of the cup. For wider stripes, leave more room between them. For thinner stripes, make your lines slightly closer together and just barely running into the last one as you reach the other side of the cup. Then just dip your taped up finger into the water where you like the design the best! Use your q-tip to clean up the surface of the water so you don't drag your beautiful design through all that mess and remove your finger. Voila! Repeat with each finger and you're done! Just remove your tape and clean up around your cuticles (or anywhere else in need of it). Here are my finished results!
Left hand

Right hand

Once again, I had problems getting a good picture so I had to resort to this camera angle, apologies! It's probably that I'm a crap photographer, but let's blame it on my camera instead, shall we? :-)
I hope you all enjoyed this holiday manicure! Thanks for reading, as always and have a great weekend!

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