Friday, November 21, 2014

Black, Purple, and Blue: Watermarbling and Freehand Designs

Hello From Texas!

It has been uncharacteristically cold here for the last week or so with temperatures dropping below freezing! What makes it even seem colder, is that the week before it was in the 60's and 70's! As I was trying to decide what to do for my nail design, I overheard my brother joking about getting frostbite while walking the dog. So, I used that as inspiration for my colors: black, purple and blue.

I started with a basecoat, of course and then applied a single coat of my favorite black creme polish which is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 'Black Heart'. I did my watermarbling with the purple and blue as well as a clear polish. The purple is 'Enchanted' by Sinful Colors, blue is 'Midnight Blue' by Sinful Colors, and then Sinful Colors 'Clear Coat.' I added the clear coat because I didn't want the purple and blue to cover up the black entirely. I only did the watermarbling on three fingers of each hand. My thumbs and ring fingers I left black so I could use as accent nails.

The accent nails is where I spent the majority of my time since as we all know by now, I am not very practiced or very good at freehand design, but I am trying to get better. It took me about an hour to do the freehand design on my left hand, which meant I was painting with my right (dominant) hand. When it came time to do the accents on the other hand, I threw in the towel and left the nails plain black, LOL.

On my thumb, I tried my hand at color blocking. I started off using tape, but found it was just getting in my way so I took it off and finished the design without it. It's not perfect, but overall I'm happy with it. On the ring finger, I did a wide striping look, also without tape. My results are below and I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments. 
Left hand

Right hand

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