Saturday, October 18, 2014

Knitting Project!

So, I thought today I would share my current knitting project. My little sister, Mandie, loves leggings and other things to keep her legs warm. So, I found this great pattern for free at Lion Brand's website for Thigh Highs!

Originally, Mandie and I started working on this together. The plan was that I would knit one leg while she did the other and we'd have a knit-along. But, real life intervened and we had barely gotten started when she had to move away. But I wasn't ready to give up on this project yet so I have revived it.

This is a picture of what the finished product 'should' look like from Lion Brand's website and a link to the free pattern download:

The yarn they are using to get that shimmer effect is Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour. I am using a Chenille Glitz yarn from Ice Yarns in the same weight class. If you go to your local craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, 90 percent of the yarn on the shelves will be worsted weight or #4. This is the most common used in scarves and afghans. The other 10 percent will be either a cotton blend or a #1, which is also known as sock weight yarn and is used for (you guessed it!) socks. When I am shopping for anything in between I usually shop yarn specialty shops. You can probably find a couple stores in your area, or just shop online! I can usually find what I want at a good price by shopping in lots at  

The pattern is very simple and other than the sheer volume of work is easy enough for a beginning knitter. An easy way to not get overwhelmed is to take it in smaller steps instead of looking at the big picture and don't give yourself an unreasonable deadline. For example, these thigh highs are worked in a 13-row repeat pattern. So when I sit down to knit I make sure I at least have time to work a full repeat sequence: 13 rows, even if that's all I have time for. It will add up quickly. One thigh high will measure about 36 inches long. I am about 11 inches in already and I've only been working on it a few hours a day for 4 days. My husband is modeling my current progress on his arm in the following picture.

And that's where I am right now! Stay tuned and I'll show pictures of my continuing progress in about a week or so. Thanks for reading!


  1. They look wonderful, Jei Jei! Great job! And James, you're quite the model! Hehehe!