Monday, October 20, 2014

Harvest Flower Water Marble

So Fall is here and the air is beginning to get crisp (at least in other places in the country, LOL). Although I love Texas I kinda miss the East Coast at this time of the year, specifically the leaves changing colors. With that it mind, I put together some colors that remind me of Fall, changing leaves and harvest festivals.
The brown is #949 'Nirvana', the yellow is #1197 'Anchors Away' and the orange is
 #1214 'Feel the Vibe'

I use the Nutra Nail Strengthener as a base coat and the one on the right is NYC's Extra Shiny Top Coat

I prepped my nails with one coat of base coat and 2 coats of the Anchors Away, since it is the lightest of the colors in the pattern. You could also use a coat of white, but I like to use a color already in the pattern in case of air bubbles. 

I made a bulls-eye pattern going either lightest to darkest color like the picture above or darkest to lightest. Then I drew a basic flower pattern like the picture on the right.  You can also see in the flower picture how I anchored the design to the walls of the cup. I am using a small dixie cup with room temperature distilled water. 
These two pictures on the right were my first attempt. The top picture is the right hand and the bottom picture is the left hand. I was having trouble getting the brown polish to spread as well in the water since it was a little thicker than the other two colors. Because of that I was getting a big clump of polish in the center of my bulls-eye, which messed up my flower pattern on a few fingers.

So, I waited overnight and then took the polish off of just the fingers that I wasn't happy with and then redid them. This time I only did the polish from darkest to lightest when I made my concentric rings. This way the lighter polishes over the brown helped it to spread and I didn't end with a clump of brown in the center that didn't spread. The pictures below are my final results and I would say this is the first water marble I've done that I'm completely satisfied with. It came out exactly as I had envisioned. 

The top pic is the left hand and bottom pic is the right hand. I drew little arrows to the nails that I did over. 

And that is my latest water marble design! I do have video function on my camera, but I don't really have any kind of set-up to let me video tape myself doing the marbling so I can upload a tutorial. So, explaining with pictures is as close as I get for now. But feel free to leave comments and ask questions if you want to. 
Just for the cute factor, I posted a picture of my 2 1/2 year old puppy Rusty here at the bottom! He is a border collie mix and his name comes from little patches of rust-colored fur on his paws between his toes. He is a total mama's boy! Thanks for reading, everyone and see you next time!

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