Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Nails: Candy Corn Inspired Water Marble

I don't actually celebrate Halloween so I wasn't originally going to do anything special for my nails or the blog. However, after the last week or so it has been very clear that some kind of nail art is expected, LOL. I kept it light and fun though and based a water marble on the colors of my favorite Halloween candy: Candy Corn.

As usual, I began with a basecoat to protect my natural nails and finished with a quick-drying top coat. The second picture is the colors I used. I started with a base color of Sinful Colors 101 'Snow Me White'. Once that dried, I tape up my fingers with masking tape to make clean up easier and filled a 3oz Dixie cup with room temperature distilled water.

I built my bulls-eye with Sally Hansen Hard as Nail 430 'Die-Hard Fan', Sinful Colors 1442 'Yellow Spotted', and the same white as the base coat. I chose one finger on each hand to leave free of the marble as an accent nail. One hand I painted the accent nail orange and yellow on the other hand. Below is the pattern chart for the flower petal-like design I used.
The smiley face in the center indicates a dip. I actually dipped my drawing tool after every two lines I drew in the polish just to keep the center neat and free of polish globs as I worked. I chose to dip one nail at a time and try to get at least 2 petal shapes on each nail. Remember to clean the surface of the water with a q-tip before SLOWLY removing your finger from the water. You can remove the tape after each nail or take it off all at once when you're done. Wait for your nails to dry and then add your top coat. Use a q-tip or angled eyeliner brush dipped in acetone to clean around your cuticles.
Here are my finished results. I thought I was done when I took the pictures, but I went back later and cleaned up a bit more :-)

Thanks for reading and have a great day! See you next time!

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