Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Collection in Swatches # 6: Purples, Part 2!

It's Wednesday! Which means it time to reveal the second half of my purple polishes, yay! You guys have been waiting patiently so let's save the chit chat for the end and just get into this, okay? Just so you know, all polishes will be shown with a basecoat of Nutra Nail Strengthener and Seche Vite Topcoat.

purple polishes part of a collecction

The first polish today is from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear line, # 230 'Pep-Plum'. The formula is great, application was very smooth and even. The picture is 2 coats. In the last picture I have a side by side comparison of this polish and the Posh Plum from Monday's post. If you remember I said they are very similar in color, Posh had a subtle shimmer finish and this one a flat, glossy finish.
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 230 Pep-Plum

Polish number two is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails # 770 'Rock Bottom'. Now as a rule, I love the formula on SH's Hard as Nails line. Although it is their least expensive polish (usually sells for $1.99) all but 2 of this line in my collection are flawless in application. This, is not one of them. This polish makes you work for a smooth, even application. However, the deep royal purple color with a gorgeous shimmer finish is, in my opinion, worth the extra effort. It is pictured here with 2 coats.                        . 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nail #770 Rock Bottom

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Polish 'Rock Bottom'

Next up is #978 from Sinful Colors, 'Amethyst'. This is what I would call a perfect grape purple. The formula was thin and even, great application and perfect opacity in one coat. 

Sinful Colors Amethyst
           You can see it darkens a bit depending on the lighting
Sinful Colors 'Amethyst'

Last but not least is # 1183 'Enchanted', also from Sinful Colors. This is a deep, rich, dark purple and I must admit, I'm in love. The formula is a little on the thin side, but that didn't stop it from being perfectly opaque in one coat. Also, that thinness which is characteristic of Sinful Colors is what drew me to the brand in the first place, since it makes them excellent candidates for use in water marbling. 
Sinful Colors Enchanted

Sinful Colors Nail Polish 'Enchanted'

That's it, my purple swatches are complete! Which was your favorite from today? Have a favorite you'd like to recommend? Talk to me in the comments! And don't forget that Friday I will feature a nail art using at least 3 of the colors swatched today and Monday! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time! 


  1. Amethyst is one of my favorite purples!

  2. Amethyst is so nice, a true royal purple creme!

  3. Rock bottom and Amethyst ... loved them most

  4. I liked Rock Bottom. Can you share the swatch of that Kleancolor polish

    1. Hi Manisha! Not sure what you mean by share it. Let me know what how you'd like it shared and I will do my best :-)

  5. Hey loved swatch of amethyst. And I own sinful enchanted. I love den. ..dey r so great. Nd it stamps too.

  6. I can't even pick a favorite! These all look so stunning and creamy. You do amazing swatches.

  7. Rock Bottom is lovely!! Great swatches!!!

  8. Enchanted is a beautiful purple! Is it a stainer? Oy, it would take me a while to swatch all of my purples... I think they make up the majority of my collection!

    1. No, actually none of these stain. I don't know if its because my double basecoat is doing it's job really well, or what, but I have had no problems with any of these.